IHB Hosts 19th and 20th National Zebrafish Technical Training Courses

From May 22nd to June 2nd, the China Zebrafish Resource Center at the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, organized the 19th and 20th National Zebrafish Technical Training Courses. Tailored to the diverse learning needs and backgrounds of participants, the courses were divided into two main themes: "Fundamental Techniques in Zebrafish Experiments" and "Advanced Techniques in Zebrafish Experiments."   

In addition to the combination of theoretical courses and practical experiments that characterize the training courses, the advanced technique training provided participants with on-site guidance for constructing specific gene knockouts. Each attendee submitted a plan for gene knockout, and the teaching faculty provided live guidance on target design, gene knockout procedures.    

A total of 48 participants from 34 institutions, including universities and research institutes nationwide, attended the two training courses. The schedule was intensive, spanning two weeks and balancing theory and practice. According to anonymous evaluation questionnaires distributed during the training, participants expressed a high satisfaction level with the courses, averaging a score of 95 out of 100. 

Zebrafish is a vital model organism in modern life sciences, health sciences, and environmental sciences research. Its characteristics have led to a rapid expansion of zebrafish applications in research. China's zebrafish research community has experienced rapid growth in this century. The China Zebrafish Resource Center, located at IHB, has been hosting various forms of national zebrafish technology training courses annually since 2013, with a total of 20 sessions held to date.