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3D Replica of Yangtze Dolphin on Exhibit

(ECNS) -- A 3D replica of Qiqi, a Baiji dolphin, went on display in Wuhan on Jan. 12.

It was the world's first captive-bred Baiji dolphin. The life-size replica of the dolphin measures 2.07 meters long. It took nearly two years to finish, using imported resin.

An expert said the original Qiqi specimen is too valuable to be shown directly to the public.

Qiqi was captured by a fisherman in Dongting Lake on Jan. 11, 1980 and died on July 14, 2002 after living for 22 years and 185 days in captivity.

The dolphin provided researchers with valuable information about the species' behavior, hematology, reproduction and disease diagnosis and prevention.

Baiji dolphin was declared functionally extinct in 2007.

"We want to send an alert to the public about protecting the species and preventing the tragedy from happening again," said Zhang Xianfeng, curator of the Museum of Hydrobiological Sciences in Wuhan.

"We are calling on the public to protect the Yangtze River and the aquatic life of the river. We hope people can integrate this protection into their own lives and work," said Wang Kexiong, researcher of the CAS Institute of Hydrobiology.