Researchers Develop New Combined Technology Treating Sediment Phosphorus in West Lake

Submerged vegetation recovery is the key technology for ecological restoration of the West Lake which has been enlisted in the world heritages as China’s only lake cultural heritage. However, serious problems such as sediment phosphorus stress and colonization difficulty still exist.  

The research group led by Prof. WU Zhenbin from Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB) took the West Lake as the research object and chose the red mud-based porous ceramic filter material (PCFM) and new modified bentonite particle screened through a variety of modified methods as absorbent material. They combined the treatment technology of PCFM and modified bentonite and remediation technology of submerged plants on sediment P, and developed combined technology of adsorption – bioremediation treating sediment P in eutrophic lake.  

They found that the treatment effect of the combined technology on sediment P in all fractions in the West Lake was efficient. The combination of PCFM or modified bentonite and macrophytes could achieve a synergetic sediment P removal because the removal rates of combinations were higher than the sum of that of PCFM or modified bentonite and macrophytes used separately.  

From the analysis of sediment microbial community and predicted function, researchers found that the combined PCFM and V. spiralis enhanced the function of P metabolism by increasing specific genus that belong to phylum Firmicutes and Nitrospirae. The results of the study provide a new train of thought and direction for treating internal P loading in eutrophic waters. 

Related papers with the titles of “In-situ Adsorption-Biological Combined Technology Treating Sediment Phosphorus in all Fractions in West Lake, Hangzhou, China” (doi: 10.1038/srep29725) and “Release characteristics of sediment P in all fractions of West Lake, Hang Zhou, China” have been published online in Scientific Reports  and Ecological Engineering, respectively. 


 Fig. 1 Schematic Diagram the Combined Technology Treating Sediment Phosphorus (Image by IHB)