Champion Carp Exhibited at 2016 World Life Science Conference


Champion carp, generated by researchers from IHB, was exhibited at  the 2016 World Life Science Conference.


The 2016 World Life Science Conference, organized by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), was held at China National Convention Center during Nov. 1 and 3, 2016. China's achievements in Life science research were displayed at the conference. Champion carp, generated by researchers from Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Science (IHB), was exhibited at the stand of gene engineering and modern agriculture. The giant champion carp attracted the attention of visitors.   

Champion carp was obtained by transferring grass carp growth hormone gene into common carp. Compared with wild type, the production period of champion carp is shortened by half. Besides, the cost and risk of farming champion carp are lower. Food safety evaluation show champion carp is substantially equivalent with wild type common carp, demonstrating that champion carp as food is the same with wild type common carp. Ecological risk evaluation show that the champion carp would not be dominant in natural water body.    

Transgenic fish breeding was born in China as a new biotechnology. Scientists from IHB generated the world’s first transgenic fish in 1985. The assessment of food safety and ecological safety of transgenic carp is in full compliance with the requirements of the FDA, WHO and FAO, and its ecological safety evaluation is far more detailed and complete than transgenic salmon which has been approved by the United States. In collaboration with Hunan Normal University, scientists from IHB produced genetic triploid sterile transgenic common carp, which should be safe for environment. From a scientific point of view, the industrialization conditions of champion carp are mature.