Environmental Management and Ecological Restoration of Lakes

IHB has developed key technologies in ecological restoration and water environmental protections in lakes, such as techniques for the assessment of ecological health status of lakes, relevant skills for the transplantation of submersed macrophytes and the reform of community structure of submersed vegetation, adjustment of fish assemblage with aims to control algal bloom, and equipment for removal of algal scum. These technologies and skills were used in a 10 km2 area and whole lake in Lake Erhai in Yunnan province and had achieved great successes, where Chinese President XI Jinping had visited in January 2015 and stressed the importance of improving the ecological and environmental quality of the lake. 

IHB developed key technologies in physicochemical-biological-ecological multi-cooperation deep purification, improvement of substrate with ecological base, in situ restoration of composite functional materials and submerged plants, and successfully applied the technologies to the ecological restoration project of the West Lake in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. IHB researchers reconstructed the stable submerged plant complex community which helped form an underwater forest with an average coverage of 32.9% and increased the biodiversity by 67%. These achievements pushed forward the process of the West Lake being inscribed on the World Heritage List, and ensured the water environment safety and embellished the water landscaping of the G20 Summit which was held in Hangzhou in 2016. Media like Xinhua News,, CCTV ran features on the achievements.