Center for Water Environment Engineering

Research Group of Chemical Ecology




PI: Prof. WU Chenxi, PhD

Members: Hongyi Ao, Mingyan Cai, Xiong Xiong, Hongjuan Hu   

General Introduction 

The Research Group of Chemical Ecology is one of the earliest teams to be engaged in the environmental science research in China.  

Researchers from this group carried out extensive research on fields including eutrophication control in lakes and reservoirs, element background investigation, water environment studies in Antarctica, water pollution investigation and environmental impact assessment, environmental behavior and ecotoxicological effects of pollutants, ecological engineering on municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.  

Their focuses include the source, distribution and fate of nutrients, heavy metals, and emerging contaminants in freshwater ecosystem. Through studying the process and mechanism of pollutant transport and transformation in polluted water, they provide the theoretical basis and technical support for water pollution control and ecological restoration. Their works have received several national and ministerial level science and technology progress awards.       

Current research interests:  

* Environmental behavior and ecological effects of pollutants in freshwater ecosystem 

* Methods and technologies of ecological restoration of deteriorated waters 


Gas chromatograph, Liquid chromatograph, Ion chromatograph, Total organic carbon analyzer, Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer, Multi-parameter water quality analyzer, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, PCR, Ultra-pure water system   

Recent Publications (*corresponding author) 


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5. Xinli Xing, Yuan Zhang, Dan Yang, Jiaquan Zhang, Wei Chen, Chenxi Wu, Hongixa Liu, Shihua Qi*, Spatial-temporal variation s and influencing factors of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric bulk deposition along a plainmountain transect in western China. Atoms. Envion. 2016, 139, 131-138. 

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