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National Research Center for Freshwater Fisheries Engineering

The National Engineering Research Center for Freshwater Fisheries (NERCFF) was established in 2000 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.


* Integrate and assemble world-wide cutting-edge technologies in aquaculture engineering to establish healthy fish farming models with advanced, high and new technologies, which are suitable for sustaining freshwater aquaculture and ecological fisheries in the Chinese context 

* Develop novel technologies and provide new aquatic varieties for the aquaculture sector 

* Provide technical and product supports for establishing and improving the technical architecture in prevention, diagnosing, and control of aquatic diseases 

* Strengthen international academic cooperation to learn cutting-edge experiences and train high-tech talents and S&T personnel with continuous innovation ability for sustaining China's aquaculture industry 

  • Turn into the important base for aquatic S&T research, the bridge for the aquatic S&T achievements transformation, as well as the industrialization base and technical training center for aquatic high and new technologies.  

The NERCFF was established in 2000 (Credit: IHB) 

The future developing direction and goal of the center are to build itself into the states top innovative base for freshwater fishery industry which involves world-class scientific facilities and talented personnel.  

It is desired to position the center to be the leader of freshwater aquaculture sector and the source of technological innovation in China, by constructing a set of technique architectures including selection and breeding of new aquatic varieties, mass breeding of seedlings, efficient production of aquatic products, treatment of aquaculture wastewater, as well as aquatic ecosystem restoration. 

The center has made much effort in undertaking multiple state major and key research projects, and enhancing technical cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, which commits to create the sustained innovative power for freshwater aquatic engineering and technology R&D, establish the corresponding R&D systems and technical standards, train the high-caliber personnel with international vision.  

To this end, the center will provide technical foundations for promoting sustainable fisheries development and scientific achievements transformation, and finally upgrade Chinas freshwater aquaculture sector from big to strong. 

The industrial demonstration base of culture and proliferation of famous local quality special aquatic products in Lake Nanbeizui, Jiangxia district, Wuhan (Credit: IHB) 

The demonstration base of ecological fishery in Lake Wuhu, Wuhan (Credit: IHB)