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Research Center for Water Ecological Engineering Technology of Hubei Province

Approved by Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, the Research Center for Water Ecological Engineering of Hubei Province was established in June 2004.  

Aiming to restore damaged ecosystems and protect water ecosystem services function, the center - by controlling total discharge wastewater and waste recycling, and following the principles of system engineering and ecology - developed integrated sewage purification and resource recovery ecological engineering technology, eutrophication lake ecosystem restoration, lake cyanobacteria bloom controlling technology and sustainable water quality management and other complete sets of technology and equipment. The center is also engaged in controlling urban water pollution and achieving the restoration and reconstruction of water ecosystem.  

So far, the center has undertaken 198 projects supported by various research funds, including 27 national projects. In addition to 68 authorized patents and two standards, it published 429 scientific papers and three monographs, and receives 12 provincial-level S&T rewards and one state-level awards.  

The center has applied its technology to more than 500 construction projects all over the country, including more than 70 projects in Hubei Province. Covering a water area of 187.3 k, the technology facilitates the wastewater treatment with a daily scale of 2.3119 million tons and reduces 67,300 tons of COD in wastewater per year. The water quality after treatment can be improved by 1-2 grades, and the transparency improved by 30-50 cm.      

The center improves both the environments of human living and the regional ecology, and guarantees water safety. It initiated and held ten cross-strait constructed wetland symposiums and the first international training class on water environment protection and water pollution control, with a total of 3,500 participants. It also provides technical consultation and on-site guidance training to more than ten thousand people, promoting water ecological restoration technology to Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Africa and other countries and regions.  

Director: WU Zhenbin Wu