IHB Obtains International Cooperative Training Project Financing from China Scholarship Council

The project " Securing freshwater ecosystem function and services in a climate change scenario", conducted by the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has been approved to participated in the International Cooperative Training Project for Innovative Talents, according to a notice recently released by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).    

With the support of this project, IHB will collaborate with three universities for international cooperation on training innovative talents, including Lund University in Sweden, Kyoto Sangyo University in Japan, and the University of California-Santa Barbara in the United States.   

Each year during the project period (2022 to 2024), the institute will select two PhD students, two joint PhD students, one joint MS student, one postdoctoral research fellow and one visiting scholar who meet the project requirements for exchange studies at the partner university.   

The CSC launched the International Cooperative Training Project for Innovative Talents to promote domestic and international cooperation, cultivate innovative international talents, and strengthen support for the construction of world-class universities and disciplines.   

In August, 2021, IHB was approved as an independent implementation unit of the project. Starting in 2021, the institute can submit one project application per year directly to the CSC.