Former Deputy Director of Hubei S&T Commission Donates Hundreds of Science Books to IHB Library

IHB's deputy director MIAO Wei (R) awards a donation certificate to YE Yizuo's family members, June 3. (Credit: IHB)

YE Yizuo, former deputy director of Hubei Science and Technology Commission, donated more than 100 science books to the library of the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on June 3, 2021.    

In the 1950s, Ye learned that IHB Prof. NI Dashu conducted a series of research at the Linghu Lake Fish Disease Research Station, he then published an article on whether the fish fingerlings drink soy milk in 1957. Two years later, IHB Prof. WU Xianwen gave some valuable suggestions on another article written by Ye.    

Ye maintained a long-term relationship with IHB researchers. He later shifted his research direction to seed lotus breeding, and reproduced a new hybrid seed lotus variety, but he was still concerned about aquaculture development in China.    

In the 1980s, the rapid development of herbivorous fish breeding led to a shortage of green fodder. Ye cultivated the floating water spinach for the purpose of fish culture. IHB Prof. LIU Jiankang gave suggestions during his research.    

Ye, along with Prof. Liu, applied the ecological restoration techniques and garden technology to treat the water problems in Shuiguohu Lake. They built a water garden that increased self-purification capacity of water body, and became a tourist and leisure site for the public.    

Now Ye is in his eighties. He still keeps the book Basic Guideline for Conducting Lake Survey which was compiled by IHB Prof. RAO Qinzhi in 1956. The book is the first book on lake survey in China. 

YE Yizuo's family members tours the library stacks, June 3. (Credit: IHB)

Some of the science books YE Yizuo donated to IHB library. (Credit: IHB)