IHB Signs S&T Achievement Transfer Agreement with Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd

IHB Signed a major technological achievement transfer agreement with Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd on Spet. 8, 2023. (Credit: IHB)

On September 8th, 2023, a significant signing ceremony for a major technological achievement transfer agreement was held at the Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, involving Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd and Hubei Technology Exchange. 

The ceremony was presided over by He Feng, Director of the Research Business Division at the Institute of Hydrobiology, and attended by key figures including Hu Wei, Deputy Director of the Institute of Hydrobiology, Wu Zhenbin, Researcher at the Institute, Zhou Qiaohong, Director, Zhang Yi, Researcher, Liu Biyun, Researcher, and other team members. Representatives from Hubei Technology Exchange, including Wan Tao, Director, and Xiang Wei, Director of the Service Products Department, as well as executives from Wuhan Yiniyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., including Feng Wei, Chairman, Liu Hongbiao, CEO, Li Lin, Deputy General Manager, and Gu Qi, Chief Engineer, were also present.   

HU Wei, deputy director of IHB, welcomed the leaders and experts from Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd and Hubei Technology Exchange. He highlighted the institute's continuous efforts to play a vital role in local economic development and contribute to the advancement of local science and technology.   

“The collaboration with the high-tech enterprise Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd for the implementation of technological achievements marks a significant breakthrough in the institute's efforts in technology transfer, signifying a new step in meeting the crucial national demands for the protection of aquatic ecological environments,” said Hu.    

He expressed confidence that the collaboration would leverage the research and resource advantages of both parties, continuously strengthening the depth and intensity of technological achievement transfer.   

WAN Tao, director of Hubei Technology Exchange stated that the signing of the agreement has established a platform for collaborative communication between the academic and business sectors, opening a new chapter in the linkage and integrated development of academia and industry.    

He hoped that both parties would use this cooperation as an opportunity to highlight complementary advantages, achieve mutually beneficial cooperation, and jointly promote the transformation of scientific research achievements from universities, empowering corporate technological innovation for higher quality and more sustainable development.   

FENG Wei, chairman of Wuhan Thought of Forging Anew Environment Technology Co., Ltd, stated that the company would further the protection of the ecological environment, continuously expand the channels for the systematic, efficient, and high-quality transformation of S&T achievements, and strive to build a nationally renowned technology achievement transformation park. The aim is to make new and greater contributions to local economic and social development.   

ZHANG Yi, Professor from IHB, presented the patented technology for the ecological base, providing an analysis of its application prospects. The team leader, Prof. WU Zhenbin, interpreted the significance of the signing ceremony, emphasizing the importance of continuous efforts by young scientists to aim for cutting-edge research while supporting the application of research results in engineering.