Prof. Shuqun Zhang from University of Missouri-Columbia visits IHB

Prof. Shuqun Zhang from Division of Biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia visited IHB on Oct.23, 2014.

Prof. Shuqun Zhang from Division of Biochemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia, paid a visit to Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB) on Oct.23, 2014. During his visit, he gave a presentation entitled "Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades in plant cellular signaling”.   

MAPK cascades, as the centre of signal transduction pathway in eukaryotic cells, regulate many important cellular physiological and pathological processes. Prof. Zhang et al. established an experimental system to study the MPK3/MPK6 gene function in Arabidopsis thaliana by using a combination of biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches. With plentiful figures in the report, Prof. Zhang demonstrated that MPK3/MPK6 cascade functions in multiple signaling pathways in regulating plant growth and development, including pollen and ovule development, stomata formation as well as abscission. He also showed that MPK3/MPK6 cascade activates defense gene expression to protect plant against adverse environmental conditions, such as a pathogen attack.  

During the lecture, Prof. Zhang shared his own study experience with the audiences, and advised young research worker should read more scientific literatures with query and a critical eye before conducting an experiment.  In the end of the presentation, Prof. Zhang had extensive discussions with the attendees.