British Television Presenter Jeremy Wade Visits Baiji Dolphinarium


Jeremy Wade (L) interacted with Prof. WANG Ding  

At the invitation of Icon Films, a British independent television production company, Jeremy Wade, British television presenter and author of books on angling, paid a visit to Baiji Dolphinarium at Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences on June 24, 2017. His trip was to shoot documentary series for the lakes of the world.    

Prof. WANG Ding from IHB introduced to Wade the living conditions of the Yangtze finless porpoises and the threats that they had been facing. Wade said that he hoped the documentary could draw more public attention to the Yangtze finless porpoises and the ecological protection of the Yangtze River.    

Icon Films planned to produce a documentary series on the lakes of the world in 2017. It was to be released in 2018 on the Discovery Channel. The documentary will center on the health of the lakes, relationship between human and rivers and the future of lakes.  


Group photo