Nobel Prize Winner Visits Baiji Dolphinarium

Michael Levitt, winner of Nobel Prize inChemistry and Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University, and his wife Shoshan Brosh Levitt visit the Baiji Dolphinarium on April 9, 2021. (Credit: IHB)

Michael Levitt, winner of Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University, paid a visit to the Baiji Dolphinarium on April 9, 2021. Together with him was his wife Shoshan Brosh Levitt.   

During their stay at the Dolphinarium, Prof. WANG Kexiong introduced the living status of the Yangtze finless porpoises, as well as the development of the Dolphinarium. Associate Prof. HAO Yujiang introduced the artificial breeding status of the Yangtze finless porpoises.    

In the rearing hall, Prof. Levitt learned about how the researchers protected the Yangtze ecological environment and the aquatic animals. He said he had been here in China for several times, and each time he had seen many changes undergoing in this country, and that China had strengthened its efforts in protecting environment and wildlife conservation when he learned about the 10-year fishing ban being carried out in the Yangtze River Basin.    

Michael Levitt is a Nobel Prize-winning biophysicist who has conducted pioneering work on the molecular structure of essential biological compounds. He has made many significant contributions to the study of protein folding and helped to popularize the use of computer modelling in biology.