CZRC Holds 8th National Workshop on Zebrafish Technology

 Students in the theory course 

The 8th National Workshop on Zebrafish Technology, organized by China Zebrafish Resource Center (CZRC), was held at Institute of Hydrobiology (IHB) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHB) during April 17 and 20, 2018. 17 participants attended the workshop.    

The workshop still kept some of the essential parts of the earlier sessions: genomic editing techniques, gRNA target design, knockout efficiency assessment, genetic manipulation of zebrafish embryos and microinjection, zebrafish breeding and husbandry, common zebrafish disease and zebrafish healthy maintenance, CRISPR / Cas9 technology, and the latest developments and applications of zebrafish research. Apart from these, the in-depth discussion of zebrafish aquaculture techniques and technical standards for zebrafish experiments have been conducted in the Q&A session.    

After the 4-day study in CZRC, participants gained great improvement in the theoretical knowledge and experimental operating skills. They looked forward to recommending their students and colleagues to attend the next workshop.
Teacher and students at the experimental class 
The group photo of students and staffs